More Than Words

When worship becomes more than just words
spoken from the lips of a saint,
when the honest truth of a broken and a contrite heart
spills forth to take false worship’s place,
that’s when God shows his glorious countenance.

When worship becomes more than just a way to God,
but a devoted lifestyle. When expectations are exceeded
and warning exists not,
that’s when God’s glory consumes us unexpectedly.

When worship becomes more than just a played out game;
when we fully understand that it’s our only lifeline
and that we truly need Him in every aspect,
that’s when God does the impossible.

When worship becomes more than just than a wish list,
when we come to the realization that none
is comparable to such a time as this,
that’s when God draws close to us.

When worship becomes more than a ritual of religion,
when we cease depriving ourselves of fellowship with the King,
when excuses we no longer create trying to hide from His face
and embrace the world, when we know that He is truly our everything, that’s when we move forward in Him
and He embraces us because now, we understand that
worship is more than just words.

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  1. Worship is not just going through the motions. Worship is the expression of love towards God who created us all. Always a good thing to remember.


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