2 Reasons Why Writing Under a Pen Name is a Good Thing

First things first: Dylan Whittler isn't my real name. For those who have been following this blog for longer than a year, this revelation probably does not shock you. What you do not know, however, is why I chose to write under a pseudonym (translation: pen name). ~ It's not as if I hadn't considered … Continue reading 2 Reasons Why Writing Under a Pen Name is a Good Thing

The Way Trauma Loves You Back

It starts with a kiss or a touch, always quick, like an accidental brushstroke of painful memories on a virgin canvas. Oops. Did I trigger you with intrusive memories while you were trying to sleep? My bad. Hush, now. Shhh. It’s okay. Just a nightmare. Fine me when you’re awake for the terrible things I … Continue reading The Way Trauma Loves You Back

The Pastor’s Daughter

The wooden figurine of Christ nailed to the cross hangs right behind my dad’s pulpit and always gives me the creeps. Maybe because it’s a constant reminder of my sin and worthlessness apart from Christ, which on other days would give me hope, but not today. Today, the cross mocks me. Maybe it’s the condemnation … Continue reading The Pastor’s Daughter

Here’s to “Poor” Decisions

Here's to poor decisions: to eating 1/2 of a chocolate bar at an old typewriter, mistaking a machine for a friend, or worse yet, a lover. Here's to "doing the passionate thing" and majoring in Creative Writing when everyone knows—sorry, assumes— that STEMs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics degrees) get the good jobs, fancy houses, … Continue reading Here’s to “Poor” Decisions

For Taylor

None of us clapped after he read AN ENTIRE ACT OF SORROW and I wonder if Rebecca is the bridge he still can’t burn which is to say, if he was there, could he, would she have allowed him to, be her knight in shattered armor? He offered no thanks after finishing, like lost gratitude … Continue reading For Taylor

Find Your Voice: Writing Through Fear

Dear Lovelies, So much is happening! Well, really, one thing in particular but it's taking up a lot of time and energy. I've been silent for past the two weeks because... (wait for it)... I've been writing my book! I am excited but also cautious, mainly because of the book's content (there will be many … Continue reading Find Your Voice: Writing Through Fear

I Hope Someone Steals My Book

Thoughts of a former book thief after reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: I want someone to steal my book someday. I know that sounds counterintuitive but I consider it a strange rite of passage. It sounds weird, but if someone should come upon my book in a library or bookstore, and they don’t … Continue reading I Hope Someone Steals My Book

The Patient Game of Writing

The game of writing is a patient one. One that requires stops and turns, breaks and many, many deletions as your characters take over in fiction or as you mull over syntax and wonder if "stop" or "thwart" would be a better descriptive choice to best convey your meaning in creative nonfiction. As far as … Continue reading The Patient Game of Writing