My Heart Whispers

And my heart whispers,
“Bring me back to the One who loved me most.”
Tiny feet making giant steps forward,
backwards dancing, straight toward her Hell.
What happened to time?
Gone. Whisked away, a gentle wind breeze.

So my heart sobs quietly,
“Bring me back to the One who never hurt me.”
Years passed, eons later, fear seeps in.
Hurts more frequent exposed.
Discipline, where’d you disappear to?
Shallow essence of what was meant to be, I am.

When my heart screams silently,
“Bring me back to my Lover!”
I know not how to respond.
Everything collapses, distorted am I.
Numbness will forever claim me as its own.
God, are You there?
A silent prayer in the midst of deadly screams,
as the past repeats itself again. No more please.
Save me, if You’re willing. Again.

I want silence to overtake me.
Holy Spirit, are you listening?
The rest Your presence brings, I need it.

And so Your Spirit whispers,
“Come, I will give you rest.”
All my heart has to do is receive…
and that’s where the problem lies.
Grace, come kiss me softly.

And so Your heart sobs with mine,
“I have loved You with an everlasting love,
And you are mine, my daughter.”
Boxing gloves all hung up,
this rookie (thought champ)
is hanging it up for good.

And so Your arms wrap around me.
“Stop running. I’ve got you.
I won’t abandon you, even when you leave Me.”
My heart cries. Too much for one to take.
Drowned in Your love and mercy,
yet I still live. Compassion too hard to fathom.
Save me, if You’re willing. Again.

And so my heart is content in You,
for only this moment.
Make it last forever.

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  1. He will always be there to catch us when we fall. He will never forsake us. Some very raw stuff but true too.


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