Relentless Love

Fading away from all that surrounds her,she searches fervently for a love unknown,a surreal, unimaginative love,a love that she’ll never know firsthand.Some say it’s right within her reach,but she doesn’t see it.she doesn’t see anything. Desperately fumbling in things unknown,things that would cause detriment to the whole of her being,immaturity strips her of her knowledge... Continue Reading →

Ok, so… I Lied (or “I Can’t Really Quit Writing Forever”)

I thought I could actually do this, never write again. It’s been a long 4 months; I’ve missed this! Even when I wasn’t writing, I was still thinking about writing, reading old blog posts, and correcting people’s grammar online! How silly I was to think I could stop doing what I was created to do…... Continue Reading →

Writing Opposite Langston Hughes, Poetically or “A Quiet Longing for Life”

I took the last line of a poem by Langston Hughes (“and death a note unsaid” from his “Note in Music” poem) and wrote the opposite of that one line. The rest just…flowed out. Life was many whispers saidin the palms of everyonewho lived and loved you,both out loud and in secret. And those whisperswere... Continue Reading →

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