Changes to the Blog (My True Identity) or “The Woman Behind ‘Dylan Whittler’”

Dear Readers,

I’ve been contemplating some things over the past few weeks about the blog and where I want to take things moving forward. Everything isn’t set in stone yet but there’s one thing I want to come out and say now.

Dylan Whittler isn’t my real name. I wrote a blog post about that here. I suggest you read it first and then come back.

No, really, go read it. I’ll wait here for you…

Did you read it? Did you understand why I did what I did? Good.

I wanted to go back to writing under my real name because… I miss it. I don’t like the idea of someone else—a pseudonym—taking credit for my words, especially as I’m applying for jobs in the editorial field, especially when those jobs ask for writing and/or editing samples. I hesitated, initially, with this decision because I’ve been published under my pseudonym. Nonetheless, I figured this was the right time and best decision for me.

So, allow me to introduce myself: My name is Rulonda JaBrey. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

4 thoughts on “Changes to the Blog (My True Identity) or “The Woman Behind ‘Dylan Whittler’”

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  1. Hmm. True, true. Guess I need to research HOW to show my editing on a blog, as opposed to a Word doc with visible track changes.
    I love my little corner of cyberspace.


  2. Lets see…. yes and no

    Content could affect some opportunities regardless of how good it is, especially if it doesnt align.

    That said having to niche down is limiting and I would say not having a niche keeps a world of possibilites open.
    It also means you are able to show the range you have and in the case of a compiling a portifolio you can categorise content that show cases your editorial capabalities and other skills to target specific markets and afterwards still get to revert to your natural writing style and content….
    The world is being less formal and the best opportunities come from people who can connect with a natural you than people who just want to qualifications and if you graduated top of the class

    Besides if you cant be yourself on your blog where else would you be you?

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  3. It’s nice to meet you, B. A question for you: do you think a writer’s content could affect her chances for opportunities, even if she’s a good writer?

    What I mean is this: I made mention in this post that I’m seeking out editorial jobs. But my writing style and content (trauma, Christianity, anxiety, etc) is so vastly different…. and I don’t have a niche. Do you think that matters?

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  4. A pleasure to make your acquaintance Rulonda JaBrey..
    A pseudonym does afford one some liberties and having read the article you mentioned more so then…
    I use my blog as a portfolio of sorts and it has afforded me interesting opportunities, so I totally understand where you are coming from when you want your work to properly credit you

    Here is to the next part of your journey


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