Find Your Voice: Writing Through Fear

Dear Lovelies,

So much is happening! Well, really, one thing in particular but it’s taking up a lot of time and energy. I’ve been silent for past the two weeks because… (wait for it)… I’ve been writing my book! I am excited but also cautious, mainly because of the book’s content (there will be many writings on living with trauma and PTSD as a Christian. I don’t plan on sugarcoating anything).

I spent most of last week researching books in my niche, trying to get a feel for which publication(s) I should consider once the book is done. And writing, of course. Lots of writing and rewriting, but in that, I’m finding my voice and learning to trust myself.

I don’t know what’s going to happen or how the book is going to turn out but I’m ready for whatever happens. This creative nonfiction adventure I’m on is definitely a journey, one that I wouldn’t have taken had I let fear get in the way.

I want to hear from you guys. Have you ever let fear stop you from an opportunity? How’d you deal with the aftermath? How would your life be different if you had stepped out in faith?

3 thoughts on “Find Your Voice: Writing Through Fear

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  1. Writing is such a liberating process! I love your writing style and voice. Excited for you and your journey in writing your book. Right now fear is trying to stop my from pursuing the life I want to live.


  2. Fear can be paralyzing, but I learned a long time ago that when you face down a fear you overcome it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t feel the same fear again, but it does mean that it gradually gets smaller, rather than larger.

    Also, there is amazing liberation in surrendering all to God. A pastor friend told me several years ago something to the effect of this: “All you really need to fear is God. But when it comes to God, you really only need to fear being separated from him. And if that base is covered, you don’t need to fear anything.”


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