Find Your Voice: Writing Through Fear

Dear Lovelies, So much is happening! Well, really, one thing in particular but it's taking up a lot of time and energy. I've been silent for past the two weeks because... (wait for it)... I've been writing my book! I am excited but also cautious, mainly because of the book's content (there will be many … Continue reading Find Your Voice: Writing Through Fear

The Art of Sexual Grooming

Step 1: Befriend someone and study her like scientists examine microscopic organisms beneath the ocean's surface. Learn her likes, dislikes, if she hates her parents and why. Step 2: After learning that she's a loner looking for simple companionship, start eroding her carefully constructed walls, break down bricks with warm hugs, a soft hand on … Continue reading The Art of Sexual Grooming

A Diagnosis is NOT a Life Sentence

Dear Lovelies, It's 4:08 in the morning as I type this. The reason I'm up this early is that I was thinking of the past few years of my life, as it relates to thorns in my flesh. I was thinking about the conversation I had with my friend, and how we agreed that it … Continue reading A Diagnosis is NOT a Life Sentence

On Discussing Trauma

I think the hardest aspect of trauma, especially in the context of recovery, is talking about it repeatedly. In my experience, I've only discussed it in detail with a counselor and my former pastor, as he has training as a licensed psychologist. I thought that talking about it to strangers would be easier than talking … Continue reading On Discussing Trauma