Lessons while Watching the Sunrise

Dear Lovelies,

I did something different this morning. Instead of spending countless minutes on my phone at the first sign of consciousness, I went outside to my backyard and watched the sunrise.

The first verse of Psalms 8 says “Lord, our Lord, how magnificent is Your name throughout the earth!” That verse, and the rest of the Psalm, is augmented when one is outside watching the sun slowly peak over the horizon where the clouds are scattered about in glorious revelation of a marvelous Creator.

As I was leaving to go back into the house, I saw a small flower poking up out of the ground (I wish I had taken a picture). It made me ruminate on the difference and similarities between nature and humans. The flowers of the field don’t mind if you stare at them, whereas humans get uncomfortable if gazed at for too long. Both have intrinsic value, but humans sometimes forget their worth.

The sun doesn’t need to declare “Here I am! I am worthy of adoration!” Yet, we who are mortal, scream that with our questionable actions and wonder where Love has gone when we experience disappointment, betrayal, feelings of exclusion, or any other pain. I promise, He hasn’t gone anywhere. You are worth so much to Him.

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