Late Night Conversation (A Simple Prayer)

So last night, we talked, You and I.
I told You where I was,
bore my naked soul to You
hoping You heard me.
Yes, I know I’m inadequate 
and my sinful nature keeps me from You sometimes,
but You still love me, even in my punishment
and times of war in the hottest desert.

My soul was parched.
I drank not from You,
“Living Water” that You are.
I chose to sip from the cisterns of the world.
Funny how two broken things don’t fix each other.

All that I am is because of You.
Work in and through me like
only You know how to.
Here am I, Your empty vessel.
This jar of clay, cracked and broken.
And still, You choose to put Your treasure within.

Open my eyes and let me see Your face.

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