Ok, so… I Lied (or “I Can’t Really Quit Writing Forever”)

I thought I could actually do this, never write again. It’s been a long 4 months; I’ve missed this! Even when I wasn’t writing, I was still thinking about writing, reading old blog posts, and correcting people’s grammar online! How silly I was to think I could stop doing what I was created to do… I’m glad God is wiser than I am!

2 weeks ago, one of my LinkedIn connections challenged every writer within and outside of her network to write the first thing they could think of. For laughs, I obliged. This is the first thing I wrote (in general and, more importantly, for myself) in 4 months; I was, and still am, pretty impressed with myself! 😁 Here’s what I wrote (unedited):

“Adina made me do this:
Turn my back on my past self – the one who swore off writing publicly for what was supposed to be forever – and make a liar out of her.
Only a writer can betray another writer. And in the worst way too! —
A writing prompt – a freewrite writing prompt at that!
The sun’s rays land on my bed
in a reminiscent way,
like discarded leaves
that abandoned the safe haven of treetops,
jettisoned by the force of wind; nature at its finest.”

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