A Reminder of God’s Nature and Closeness

Dear Wanderers,

It’s early. It’s currently a little past 4:00 in the morning and I’m up. I shouldn’t be awake. I should be asleep, especially since I have a long day, but insomnia is no respecter of persons.

I’m listening to Shane & Shane (a Christian duo and one of my favorite artists) and was reading some of my old blog posts; one about my deconversion from Christianity and another concerning deconstructing Christianity after I stopped running from God. As I’m listening to the music, and rereading my personal accounts of God’s grace on my life, I’m pierced to my soul, my inner being, with an overwhelming sense of peace.

That confirms for me that God knows what I need before I do. How sweet and kind He is, that He would take an active role in the life of His creation. He is not up in the clouds in some far off place, but He is here, in the early quiet of morning.

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