The Doctrine of “YOLO”

If the only things that matter in life are eternal then why is it that so much of our focus is spent on the temporary, the here and now? What have we to gain from this culture of “YOLO”?

As we all know, contrary to popular believe, we do not live just once. The book of Psalms says, “only a fool says in his heart there is no God.” If the God’s existence cannot be explained away by atheists’ arguments, that serve to mask deeper emotional and psychological pain, then logically, it stands to reason that they, and only they, are truly the ones who have but one life to live — this life.

However, for those of us who are believers in the Christ child and follow after Him, we know that we live not once but twice. And that this existence is but a dress rehearsal for the real role, a mere short story that precedes the best-selling novel soon to come. In other words, this life does not stop with death. There is more coming.

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