Viewing God Through the Lens of Trauma

Earlier today, I read through my friend Michael Patton's post "On Leaving My First Love" and found similarities between where he was years ago and where I find myself now. In it, he speaks of his life's difficulties, arguing with God, and finally coming to a place of surrender. I am somewhere between pulling myself … Continue reading Viewing God Through the Lens of Trauma

The Siren Song of Self-Harm

These past few weeks have been hard, especially Tuesday. Tuesday was a hellish day because it marked 4 years of dealing with the Beast that is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. You would think that after some time, especially with the introduction and implementation of coping mechanisms and breathing techniques, the Beast would get bored and go … Continue reading The Siren Song of Self-Harm

The Great Divorce

No, this post isn't a commentary on the story by C.S. Lewis (just getting that out of the way first). This post is altogether something different. For my readers who have been following my journey from the beginning, this may surprise you (or maybe not, I don't know). For those of you who just stumbled … Continue reading The Great Divorce

An Honest Conversation about Suicide

I did not want to write this, but it needed to be said. This is hard for me. Please give me grace. An Honest and Vulnerable Prayer God, please, if You are, at all, merciful like they say You are, like I know You to be, please kill me. Please. I will never ask for … Continue reading An Honest Conversation about Suicide

The Night I Discovered the Bible isn’t THAT Important

I know I might accumulate a lot of hate for this post; or perhaps, no one will even notice my words on this page, but for those who choose to see this to the end, just stay with me. I promise this is going somewhere. I Have a Secret to Share... Lean in close... Here … Continue reading The Night I Discovered the Bible isn’t THAT Important

Lessons while Watching the Sunrise

Dear Lovelies, I did something different this morning. Instead of spending countless minutes on my phone at the first sign of consciousness, I went outside to my backyard and watched the sunrise. The first verse of Psalms 8 says "Lord, our Lord, how magnificent is Your name throughout the earth!" That verse, and the rest … Continue reading Lessons while Watching the Sunrise

The Frustrations of an Analytical Christian: When Worship Becomes An Intellectual Disipline

Dear Lovelies, Tonight is frustrating for me. I'm sitting at my desk with Elevation Worship's "Resurrecting King" blaring in my ears through my headphones and I can't be present, can't enjoy it, can't lose myself in a private, passionate display of love and adoration to the One who loved me when I rejected him. No, … Continue reading The Frustrations of an Analytical Christian: When Worship Becomes An Intellectual Disipline

When Divinity Interrupts Humanity

Dear Lovelies, It's been over a month since I last posted and that was deliberate. I wanted to give myself time to see if coming back to Christ would actually make a difference in my life. Needless to say, God definitely took me up on that challenge! When I want to be, I'm a private … Continue reading When Divinity Interrupts Humanity