How an Empty Communion Cup Strengthened My Faith

Communion cup This morning, I went to church—like went into an actual physical building and didn’t just watch the service online. I hadn’t been in over 3 months. It was a warm, welcoming, and if I’m being honest, much-needed experience. I’m home most of the time, thanks to remote work and the desire for solitude... Continue Reading →

LinkedIn is Where the Humans Are

LinkedIn gets a bad rep for being a “purely professional” site — and it is — but it’s more than that, and it took me until this week to fully realize that. Yes, LinkedIn is a site that primarily gets its bread and butter from professionals (or not-quite-there-yet professionals) networking to climb the ladder to success, but it’s always... Continue Reading →

How Spider-Man: No Way Home Magnified My Grief (A “Dear Danny” Letter)

Dear Danny, Saturday, after work, Chris and I went to see Spider-Man: No Way Home (he had already seen it but I hadn’t. How I avoided spoilers for so long will remain a mystery!). I was not prepared for Marvel’s latest cinematic heartbreak. There were only about 15 people in the theatre with us and... Continue Reading →

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