A Great Cloud of Witnesses

“You think you know best—you can’t even tell wrong from right!—God’s ‘greatest’ creation!’” This was the first thing I heard this morning. The voice of Satan—or one of his demons—sarcasm thick in his accusing tone. I knew what the reference was. I made a choice to sin last night… “You think you know best—you can’t... Continue Reading →

On Returning from a Brief (and Unplanned) Hiatus: Why Acknowledging Anger is Hard but Necessary for Protecting Your Peace

I've been away for a while, mainly due to writer's block--not having the words to write what I felt--and something more: not having experiences worth writing about, or assuming I have naught to make art from as I go through my sedentary routine of work, eat, read, and sleep. But that's not necessarily true that... Continue Reading →

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