Reasons to Stay (During the Nights when Depression Makes You Want to Quit)

I think God would be sad if you came home early. There's ice cream still in the freezer. You haven't learned/mastered that Chicken Marsala recipe yet. You still haven't written your book yet (think of your characters!). You wouldn't want to miss the next Hamildrop, would you? There are still past and future musicals to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Drink the Fabuloso: For Suicidal Christians Too Afraid (or Too Condemned) to Ask for Help

Yes, you read the title right. Do not freak out. For my charismatic believers, do not get the holy oil and start speaking in tongues and/or casting out demons that may not actually be there. Just let me explain. A Brief Synopsis of My Mental State I am not okay. (Again, do not freak out.)... Continue Reading →

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