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Reasons to Stay (During the Nights when Depression Makes You Want to Quit)

  1. I think God would be sad if you came home early.
  2. There’s ice cream still in the freezer.
  3. You haven’t learned/mastered that Chicken Marsala recipe yet.
  4. You still haven’t written your book yet (think of your characters!).
  5. You wouldn’t want to miss the next Hamildrop, would you?
  6. There are still past and future musicals to obsess over.
  7. You still have shampoo and conditioner in the bottle.
  8. You still have to see Incredibles 2.
  9. Markus Zusak’s new book comes out in October.
  10. Your siblings need you.
  11. Your pain will pass. Maybe not immediately, but it will pass, or at the very least, be tolerable.
  12. You still have to finish Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  13. There are demons in Hell who want you dead, who want you to join them. Don’t give them the satisfaction.
  14. You still have to visit New York at least once.
  15. You still have to lay under the stars with a giant blanket and hot chocolate.
  16. You still have to watch the sunrise/sunset and marvel in its beauty.
  17. You are loved. You have worth.
  18. God loves you and needs you here.
  19. When everything is villainized around you, you can be the superhero in your own movie.
  20. There are still shows to binge-watch on Netflix.
  21. Your pet still needs you to care for him/her.
  22. Your best friend still needs you to laugh at all of her/his jokes.
  23. You’re not as broken/weak as you think you are. Trust me.
  24. You are not insignificant.
  25. Four words: Panic! At The Disco.
  26. I love you.

What’s your list?