What No One Tells You after a Suicide Attempt (Part 2)

*If you're interested in reading Part 1, click here* When you're filling out paperwork, after being hospitalized, and the personnel asks you if wanted to die, if you really meant to jump, do not tell her the truth; they'll only use it against you to keep you locked up longer. When you tell the unfeeling … Continue reading What No One Tells You after a Suicide Attempt (Part 2)

Reflections on Being Institutionalized

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m doing life correctly. Because of PTSD, I tend to live the past a lot. It’s unintentional, due to flashbacks, triggers, and panic attacks, but it happens. I have a lot of trouble with being still and clearing my mind because people, responsibilities, and distractions are all vying for my attention. … Continue reading Reflections on Being Institutionalized