My Mother’s Burden

Before my parents’ decision to get a divorce, or rather, what caused them to have that conversation in the first place, what I called The Thing That Ruined My Life, I was a high school freshman and relatively content with my life, but all that changed during the first month of school. Summer was still … Continue reading My Mother’s Burden

The Pastor’s Daughter

The wooden figurine of Christ nailed to the cross hangs right behind my dad’s pulpit and always gives me the creeps. Maybe because it’s a constant reminder of my sin and worthlessness apart from Christ, which on other days would give me hope, but not today. Today, the cross mocks me. Maybe it’s the condemnation … Continue reading The Pastor’s Daughter

A Fictional Psychological Scene: Is it Believable?

Dear Lovelies, I am awake and writing because I have horrible insomnia. I wrote this scene that may or may not go into the novel that I've been writing off and on for three years now (For more info about the writing process, you can read here and here). Sexual assault is mentioned and the … Continue reading A Fictional Psychological Scene: Is it Believable?

Need Feedback

I am bored and need feedback on writing. Here are the first two pages of what I wrote tonight. Have fun and let me know your thoughts good, bad, or otherwise. ~Day 1~ On the day everything went to hell, Catherine Dawson sat across from me, with her chestnut hair pulled back into a loose … Continue reading Need Feedback