Return from Hiatus: Questioning Everything

Dear Lovelies, I know I’ve been away from you guys for a while, sorry about that. I took a break because I’m still, 3 months later, trying to figure out what my beliefs are and trying to discover what I’m actually leaving: God or the church? I don’t think there’s an easy answer because those … Continue reading Return from Hiatus: Questioning Everything

Writing in the Midst of a Flashback

6 A.M. A nurse disturbs my nightmares, and temporarily prevents me from my ritual of staring at the wall upon sweating myself awake, to take my vitals. She wants to make sure I’m still alive, even though, by virtue of this place, I am considered one of the walking dead. 7 A.M. I try to … Continue reading Writing in the Midst of a Flashback

Crisis in Church

I woke up this morning to the sound of my mother playing Gospel music, the kind I hadn't heard since I was a little girl, and I immediately felt the disconnect, the vague sense of nothingness that enveloped my soul and left me feeling numb, like nothing mattered. I almost didn't go to church today … Continue reading Crisis in Church

Honesty and Hard Questions: Why Holding a Mirror to Your Life is Hard

Earlier today, I talked to someone who asked me why I wasn't doing the things I know I should be doing to better my life. I answered him in silence. There was no adequate answer I could give, which got me thinking: Why do we hold ourselves, and our truth, back from being exposed? I … Continue reading Honesty and Hard Questions: Why Holding a Mirror to Your Life is Hard

In Light of Past Acheivements…

It has been exactly 1 year, 9 months, and 20 days since I graduated from the University of Central Florida, said goodbye to my fellow Knights, and got thrust into the land of no sleep, mental breakdowns, existential crises, and low-paying jobs otherwise known as Adulthood.  The cap I graciously and excitedly threw into the … Continue reading In Light of Past Acheivements…