As You Heal, You Will Hurt

“...What year is it?” I asked J. near the beginning of our session as I tried hard to ground myself to reality. I’m safe. I’m safe. I’m safe. “What year do you think it is?” He, being the therapist that he is, never gives me a straight answer; always opting for me to figure it … Continue reading As You Heal, You Will Hurt

You Matter, Here’s Why

Last night, my pastor preached a philosophical sermon my broken heart desperately needed to hear. In it, he tackled one of the biggest questions everyone faces at some point in their lives: "Who am I?" There is a verse in Acts 17 that gives great insight to that question. Acts 17:28 says this: “For in … Continue reading You Matter, Here’s Why

An Adulting Moment: Don’t Cry Over Dropped Food

There's no manuscript for adulting but, boy, do I wish there was! Tonight, I had a plan: come home from work, cook a dinner of pork chops and veggies, and go to bed. My plan was fool-proof—almost. As I was cutting my freshly cooked and perfectly seasoned pork chops, the unthinkable happened: my plate tumbled … Continue reading An Adulting Moment: Don’t Cry Over Dropped Food

Being Present for Today in 2019

It's nearing the end of the first day of 2019 and everything that could distract me is vying for my attention: my random thoughts, both good and bad, the book of Dr. Maya Angelou's poetry I have open on my desk, even my current shuffled iTunes playlist. Last year I was so focused on operating … Continue reading Being Present for Today in 2019